Playhouse plans: How to build Your Own Playhouse

Thanks to our building plans you will be able build a dream cabin !

But is it possible to build a cabin for children that is strong, durable, and nice looking for less than a shack purchased commercially?

You certainly like many relatives scoured the various houses of models sold “ready-made” in trade and of course none of them really appeals to you, (I was in the same situation as you).

And besides obviously none attracted you:

Wood is often of poor quality, when it is not plastic, and assemblies are really light (a few staples often) dare let his children play in such a space is simply criminal.

Our cabin models offered on the playhouse plans were all built and approved.

Specifically, how does it work?


Step 1: You download the playhouse plan that is closest to your aspirations.

Immediately after payment, you will receive in your mailbox the bill and links to download the plans.

Please note that our service delivers the “playhouse plans” works 7 days 7 and 24/24, so you can make your purchase when you want, the plans will be available immediately.

Step 2: You buy your materials through the list of materials included in our offer cabin plan child.

The list of materials is precious when one decides to start construction of a structure.

Without it, go back to incessant shop or huge losses due to a miscalculation will quickly discourage the handyman that you are to give up building your little house.

Thanks to the list provided in our offer, playhouse plans, you no longer have to worry about calculating the amounts.

Everything is detailed with care and you just have to take her to your favorite hardware store that he prepares all the necessary documents, you will have a real cabin kit ready to go up.

Step 3: A few days later you have a cabin that is ready to welcome its first residents.

On average construction time of our cabins is 3 days if you have the opportunity to devote 8 hours per day, if not a short week your cabin should be completely finished as the finishing point that should not be overlooked.

I would strongly recommend that you take your time to complete your construction project, as you will see after your purchase, plans contained “playhouse plans,” are very detailed, but still accessible to the novice it is very important for us.

playhouse kit plans

The 4 seasons playhouse

Dimensions of the playhouse: L108” W72” x H90”

House cozy child suitable for children 3 to 12 years consisting of 2 doors and 2 windows.

Very simple in design but very robust it will welcome your children to make their favorite playground, the more it is very easy to build because even a DIY novice is able to make it.

The +: This cabin can also be mounted on stilts, the location for the staircase and the slide is already provided

The complete package “the 4 seasons playhouse” to build itself includes:

The plans for its construction, designed by an industrial designer:

-The Plan of each room, doors, windows, flooring, framing, all very detailed and intuitive assembly plans.

-The List of calculated materials at the fair for you to make substantial savings.

The plans can be downloaded immediately after payment.



hut in stilts

The playhouse on stilts

As you know children love to climb, so they can overcome the adults and play great.

This hut on stilts will feed their height while offering a cozy space to play and suited to their size.

The limited floor height (25”) and large guardrails ensure your children maximum safety.

Of course you can easily increase the height of the pile to add such a slide.

Dimensions of the cabin: L95” x W59” H87”.

This complete package: plans to build a hut on stilts includes:

-The Very detailed production drawings suitable for beginners (each cut is explained y)

-The List of materials to group your purchases easily.

The plans will be send by email immediately after payment.




The cabin of Merlin

While originality, merlin cabin provides space for magical games to your children.

Directly inspired by Tolkien’s universe, its design can not be ignored.

Intended primarily for children, but adults can also find place thanks to its standard size door and its generous volumes, a home for children who have everything a great that you can build yourself with very simple tools .

external dimension of the cabin: L119” x W119” x H126”

Dimensions floor: W79” L98”

You can find this type of hut construction plans on that playhouse plans anywhere else

The +: A hyper original design you will not find anywhere else.

The complete package “Merlin’s hut” to build itself includes:

-The Manufacturing plans drawn by a professional designer:

-The Plan of each room, doors, windows, very detailed and intuitive assembly plans.

-The List of materials.

The plans can be downloaded immediately after payment.



The slide and cabin porch

The slide and playhouse porch

Usually children want more than a shack, that’s why this model has everything they need:

-A Course shack perched on stilts its original form deceives the whole family.

-A Slide that you can buy for about $50 here.

-A Swing, possibility to add a second replacing the rafter by a baulks.

-A Sheltered sandbox.

-A Covered space on the ground floor, ideal for playing the market or storing various garden toys.

This cabin commercially available in $1500 , you will be able to build, through our plans for less than $500 .

If your children dream of a hut but many other things also slide this frame cabin will fully satisfy them.

Construction plans, materials list to download immediately:


playhouse plan

The playhouse of Aiden

With terrace door and its windows this cabin to any great.

Simple design of the cabin for child ruben please both small girls and boys.

With comfortable dimensions: width 80”, depth 100” ,height 71”, it is ideal for all children from 4 to 10 years.

If you want a versatile and robust cabin while being simple to manufacture the ruben cabin is for you.

Save money by building the cabin yourself and your child at the same time your cabin will be much stronger than the models assembled by staples that you find on the market.

Uncle Gustave offers complete manufacturing drawings accessible to beginners as well as the list of materials to download immediately:


hut child plan

The playhouse “Riviera”

A cabin chic, which brings a touch Italian in your garden.

Its large surface offers a beautiful space games, and three windows make this area very bright.

Siding used on the cabin’s simple batten, however, you can replace it with floorboards downgraded or paneling to lower the cost of construction.

Like all our cabins the building is accessible to any beginner and should not take you more than a dozen hours.

Dimensions of the house: L100”xW67”xH82”

The construction kit includes pdf manufacturing drawings and lists of materials.

Your plans will be available in your mailbox immediately after payment.


children playhouse plans

The playhouse: Oscar

The playhouse child “Oscar” is probably the easiest and least expensive to build (about $250).

Your children will enjoy its semi-enclosed appenti which facilitates the circulation and possibly place a sandbox.

This cabin is really simple to build, with our construction plans suited to novices, even DIY beginners are able to build it.

Also the materials used for its manufacture are standards that you will easily find in hardware stores.

Dimensions of the cabin: length: 96” width:60” height:73”

The construction guide “the Oscar hut” recommended DIY beginners includes:

-The Manufacturing drawings made by a professional designer (13 pages in all)

-The Shopping list that will allow you to purchase all the necessary materials at once.

The cabin construction of Oscar model and any models of plans available on the “child hut Plan” are available immediately after payment.

Our construction plans are in PDF format, readable on 100% of the PC, tablet and smartphone.


playhouse plans diy

The Cranberry playhouse

Dimensions of the playhouse: L74″xW55″xH77″

Dimension of the tray on stilts: L79″xW79″xH24

The Cranberry playhouse is the perfect playhouse for all toddlers from 3 to 10 years.

The structure on stilts gives it an undeniable charm and allows to add a slide to the playhouse.

This playhouse for children, with simple and robust design, will become the privileged place of game for your children by ensuring maximum security.

Tools required to build this playhouse: hand saw or miter saw, a screwdriver and that’s it!

The +: Kids love tree houses, but this one by its low height (24″) and its railings is very safe.

The construction guide that we offer here includes:

Each Piece of wood has a plan showing the possible cuts and screwing or drilling techniques

-The panels assembly plans.

-Several Overall plans in 3D that detail the method of assembly of the different panels.

-The List of materials that will allow you to group your items and achieve great savings.

The plans of the children Cranberry playhouse will be send by e-mail after your payment.

Service operates 7/7 and 24/24.


castle playhouse

The castle playhouse.

The only thing missing is a moat!

This medieval fortress has a tower with a climbing wall and a courtyard where the knight in armor can defend his field from dragons attacks.

The interior is composed of a main room with window but also a secret room accessible only to children.

Is it useful to say that this playhouse is the perfect place for little boys?

Do not be impressed by the seemingly complex architecture of the playhouse, it is not.

It is as easy to build as our other playhouse models on this page.

Dimensions: L100″xW70″xH115″

This playhouse model will accompany your children for a long time thanks to its generous door height (55″).

As usual only rudimentary tools are needed for its construction: hand saw or miter saw + screwdriver !

“playhouse plans” pack offered here include:

-Around twenty detailed plans carefully explaining the different stages of the construction.

-The List grouping the different materials necessary for the construction of the playhouse.

Construction plans for the castle hut to download immediately in PDF:


playhouse plans pdf

Playhouse plans offers you the August playhouse


This children playhouse is the copy of a small country cottage.

The interior is a real strong point, with a lovely high roof it is possible to accommodate a mezzanine, bunk bed, ..etc.

The materials are of the same type as the previous playhouses, only standard that can be found in DIY stores.

Its design is very simple, with a simple jigsaw you are able to build it.

The construction plans we offer for sale here include:

-The Detailed plans for all stages and all the parts needed to build (twenty illustrations)

-The List of materials

Download everything, right bow


In fact, I have a little surprise for you,
For every purchase of a children playhouse plan, uncle Jeffrey offers:

adirondack chair plans

Do not throw your waste wood, Uncle Jeffrey offers the Adirondack chair construction plans!


You hesitate to make your choice?

playhouse plans for sale

Do not hesitate anymore, you can acquire the construction plans of these 10 playhouses and make your selection later.
With this bundle, you get an immediate discount of 50% compared to buying individually.

The DIY as the best solution but with manufacturing drawings made by professionals.

Before making this site which includes plans, and small houses for children building methods, I would like to reveal the genesis.

Like many parents, the idea to build an original playhouse for your progeny has been in your mind for a few months.

“Hey Dad, can you build me a playhouse in the garden? ”

“You know one like in the cartoon with the door and the windows, you do it for me ? ”

children’s homes proposed on ” playhouse plans” are relatively simple but with a robust design, much stronger than their counterparts sold commercially.


The store playhouses

Wood from children’s houses sold everywhere is often of poor quality, moreover it is often autoclaved, which has the effect of releasing dangerous chemical compound very harmful to the health.
In these circumstances you will understand, it seems more than necessary to develop a construction with quality materials that can be selected but also a rigorous assembly method which will give your achievement an unequalled robustness.
Here’s why you will find in our playhouse plans rubric different playhouse models, all models are oginals, some achievements come straight from the realm of Merlin the Wizard .
Wooden playhouse on stilts, but also tree houses. Many models that will come in the next weeks will enrich the houses models available.
Your children will be delighted to play in these great originals and shifted areas, yet you will not find here cubic hut with a pent roof, if you want this type of model not need inspiration or playhouse plans.

Quality plans suitable for beginners

All our children playhouse models are designed by a professional designer who also has the burden of controlling the construction costs.

This is why all our houses have a reasonable construction cost and are also much less expensive than a similar house for children purchased in stores.

The volumes of our small wooden garden sheds are suitable for children from 3 to 10 years, which should cover a good use time, however other important factors considered by our designer are the means necessary for the construction of the playhouse.

Few tools.

Indeed, we do not turn to professional crafts, like me, you will need a circular saw, a jig saw and a cordless drill, and maybe a sander.

Well we try to draw original cabins that are perfectly constructible with this simple tools.

The type of wood used is also very easy to find, it is often fir plank, lathe, cleat or paneling, only simple materials that you find at low cost in large DIY stores.

When realizing a “playhouse plans” we also strive to use assembly techniques that are very simple so that the most novice of us can be able to build it without particular difficulties.

We will avoid mortise tenons or other technical requiring too specific or expensive tools if you know how to saw, drill, and screw you are perfectly able to build this small wooden house with your own hands.

You will have more personal satisfaction of having built it yourself and it is a particularly pleasant feeling.

Before construction advice

I suggest you download the full plans on your hard drive because the links in the email are valid for one week beyond that time you will be unable to download files from this link.

To sum up, you’ll have at your disposal several files:

-A Pdf file containing the playhouse’s construction plans that you selected in A4 format

-Another Pdf file containing the list of the materials that we will discuss in step 2.

To avoid any errors you must read the plans to understand the subtleties of construction.

I advise you also print all these plans in A4 format, it will be more convenient to take them to workshop that way.

Once you complete your construction and finishes are made, it is unfortunately time for your playhouse to face the first bad weather, wood as you know, especially the one used for cladding will swell with the first rains, doors, windows and the roof should be saved

Then during the summer, it will retract a few millimeters, this is normal thing,you don’t have to worry if some boards begin to grind your way.

Regular maintenance

The designer of playhouse plans recommends regular maintenance or a minimum annual repair of protection, it is absolutely necessary for a good life of your small house for children.

Indeed the particularly harsh winter rain undermine the protection layer that you have applied and ultraviolet of the summer will finish the undermining of the latter.

A wood that is not protected anymore will soon become colonized by the mushrooms that themselves will attract insect, you’ll understand that it is far better to spend a few hours per year to maintain the playhouse rather than having to fully rebuild it after 5 years.

On child playhouse plan, we offer more than just plans.

In our constructions guides provided in our pack playhouse plans you will also find some ideas to accessorize your playhouse or some helpful details to succeed perfect finishes.

You will also have several useful tips when purchasing such as coverage that will cover the roof.

Bituminized shingles, steel plates or sheets imitation tiles, we discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each type of coverage.

So you can start tomorrow to build a high quality children playhouse Download our children playhouse plan to follow it to the letter or just for inspiration.

“Give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime. ”

Once the principle of building acquired, you will be able to build any wooden structure, henhouse, garden shed, dog kennel, for short, it is only limited by your imagination.

Looking for playhouse plans? Well, follow the guide!

Uncle Gustave, playhouses plan designer for children.

All our designs available on playhouse plans are made by a professional designer who has the difficult task of creating simple playhouse designs but original and strong.

In addition to cost control, we strive to make possible the construction of these playhouses even by DIY beginners.

That is why all the materials are easy to find.

They are of standard sizes and are available in large quantities in DIY stores.

It will not be necessary to go to a sawmill or to call in a professional to purchase a special piece of wood or a special tool.

Everything is simple, a good saw and a cordless screwdriver and the building of your children’s playhouse can start.

Uncle Jeffrey from playhouse plans wish you a good DIY!