The best types of wood to build your playhouse

Selecting the right type of wood is vital when you decide to build a playhouse.
The choice is vast, from relatively cheap pin to more expensive robinia, there is something for everyone and for every budget.
Let’s start by talking about the most used wood for playhouse construction, their qualities and defects.

wood playhouse

The fir: the fir is an extremely knotty softwoods, it is very cheap, but relatively resistant in time.
We must therefore maintain it regularly, every 2 years to keep it looking beautiful in appearance.
Like the pine we will discuss right after the fir has a tendency to get swell over the years, which aesthetically is not necessarily a fault.

Pine: Wood is very easy to work because it is very tender, it incorporates many features of the fir and its pleasant smell of resin.
It can be sensitive to parasites over the years which is why regular maintenance is recommended.

Poplar: Poplar is a very light wood and very easy to work with.
He has the ability to not break with the years, but on the other hand it is very sensitive to attack by mushrooms.
Easy to work with, you will be charmed by its smell reminding you that of matches, a great wood that can be found at good prices.

The robinia : To me it is the Rolls-Royce of wood, he was also at the time the wood the most used in the construction before the arrival of iron and concrete, see in detail its features.
Robinia wood is one of the few in the world with teak, which is naturally rot.
Outside the robinia has a lifespan of about 60 years without treatment, nor maintenance and even in the latitudes where the climate is extreme.
Under shelters in a dry environment it can withstand 1,000 years (source from an Hungarian University of Sopron)
Robinia has a very stable fiber, because of its lack of resin it produces very little splinters and guaranteed a high level of security.
This is also one of the only wood that meets the requirements of fire safety institutions that receive public.

Oak : First National essence of wood, oak has a lot of qualities that makes it a wood recommended to the construction of a playhouse.
His legendary strength makes him the wood the most used in traditional monumental frame construction.
The oak is a very dense wood, which also gives it a great insulating power.
Its cost is obviously much higher than pine, but if we want to build a cabin which is supposed to withstand decades, the choice of a dense and durable wood as oak becomes obvious.
You’ll understand that nature gave us such very different wood that should be selected according to our use.
To build a playhouse for children, I would recommend using pine.
Your children will quickly turn into adults, it seems unnecessary in this case to buy a very resistant wood to build a playhouse that will be dismantled anyway in 15 years.
To build a cabin destined to last in time I highly recommend the robinia and the oak, the cost is a little higher than the pine or the fir but their lifespan and low maintenance have no equal .

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