Small Cabin and the Necessary Building Permit Requirements

With the convenience and simplicity of living and all other benefits of living on a small cabin, many individuals are now getting more interested to get permit to build a cabin and proceed with the construction without any problem.

Small cabin is defined as a small house made of wood and is usually built on a wooden area. This is noted for its simple construction and design. Though building this is a highly possible option. Individuals have to note that they need to get a permit to build a small cabin before they can move on to construction.

Size Required

Many different municipalities would allow individuals to construct small cabin under a particular size. In such case they can either get a permit to build a small cabin or not obtain one. Nevertheless, the standard size limit is said to be 100 square feet or 10 square meters. This simply means that if your cabin is 100 square feet or less, you do not really need to get a permit to build a small cabin.

In some instances, some municipalities actually have particular requirements and regulations with regards to structures being build. Taking for instance waterfront cabins; there is a minimum distance required between your cabin structure and the high water mark. There can also be other restrictions set in your area that you need to consider before getting a permit to build a small cabin.

cabin permit plan

Essential Components Required to Get Building Permit File

Building a small cabin can be considered a building project that needs necessary fees and permits. Local ordinances and codes might also apply so it would be best to check on local requirements before you get a permit to build a small cabin. For safety reasons, you need to build in accordance with the universal building code. Building small cabin is not that easy however learning about essential things connected to this type can empower your option and that is to build a small cabin.

Inspection requirements are sometimes needed to get a building permit file. There are instances that details about the cabin you are planning to build is needed such as site plan, detailed floor plan and copy title for advice and assessment.

Building without Permit-What are the Risks?

Building without permit is not really breaking the law or discouraging building small cabin. Realistically speaking, it is actually your ultimate choice to build whatever you want at your own risks. If you’re willing to accept these risks, then it is entirely up to you.

When it comes to building small cabin without permit, there are actually risks associated with it such as:

  • You can be fined

  • Construction of small cabin may not be permitted

  • You will be forced to comply with other things later on with regards to lack of building permit

  • You might also face minor or even major problems

There are ways to avoid permits and fines when building a small cabin. One way is to build a cabin on a place that does not really strictly meddle with your housing choices.

Small log Cabins: The More Unique and Eco-Friendly Type of Home

As we have seen in our article, building a small cabin, many of you want to build a cabin.

Could you imagine living in a home that is free from ay noise coming from your neighborhood?

Yes, this will be possible.

Since small log cabins are getting more popular all over the world that offers a more distinct and more peaceful place to dwell in, many people are eager to have their own.

This is quite ideal if you want to get rid of the noise and pollution of the city.

Plus, you are free from any stress brought by the urban traffic.

Aside from that, small log cabins will give you lesser noise coming from your sound-emitting appliances or any other materials inside our log cabin home.

small log cabins

For you to make the extraordinary type of living possible, it important to have the complete list of the following materials and guess what, you can have a hint on how much you are going to spend in building the small log cabins.

  • Cedar post. The best type of wood for building the small log cabins posts is the cedar wood. You will be needing 5” up to 8” diameters for your posting.
  • Cedar railings. For your railings, you may use various cedar sizes.
  • Logs. You need solid corners pieces in order for you to match the 8” sidings. Another thing, you need to have a solid 3×12 pine of any length, tongue and groove pine of 1×8, white pine log siding of 8” and 6”, either rough or smooth of 6×8 and 4×6 beans.
  • Interior door. You have the freedom on which type and design you would like to use for your interior doors.
  • Stairs, Fireplace, treads, stringers and wood stove. All you need are 4×12 and 3×12 woods
  • Patio roof. You may use 6×8 logs. Just make sure that they are rough sawn or plane in any dimension.
  • Another thing, you need to purchase 2×8 logs that were planed or rough sawn.

In building the small log cabins, it will cost around $20,000 but the purchase of land and its interior are excluded.

Truly, with this kind of budget, your dream cabin home is possible.

On the other hand, although living in the small log cabins will give you certain advantages that will make your living experience extravagant, it also have some constraints.


  • Efficient. It is efficient in a way that it can naturally insulate you from the heat of summer or cold of winter.
  • Looks. Yes, small log homes will give you an esthetic appeal that can make everyone amaze of its architectural design.
  • Eco-friendly. By the use of salvage timber, you are making an eco-friendly home.


  • More maintenance. The hard part of living in the small log cabins is that you are required to regularly maintain it. It should include a general inspection of its sealing and caulking.

Living in the small cabins for a year is completely possible if it is well-maintained through proper restoration and creating home improvements and if you are really interested to dwell in a home like cabins, there is no reason for you not to.

Everything will depend on your willingness and the lifestyle that you have.

Building a Small Cabin with our small cabin plans

Are you planning to create a cabin but you do not know how to get started with it?

Do you want to achieve your desired small cabin?

If that is your case, you should create small cabin plans so that you will be guided enough all throughout your journey.

Having comprehensive and result-oriented plan, you can make your dreams tangible within a short span of time.

Besides you want to build a cabin for your child? Check out our Playhouse Plans

Aside from that, you have to know the different kinds of cabin that can be built so that you can make a choice that best suits your needs.

Different Cabins

There are a wide variety of cabin available for you to build in which you can select the one that best fits your specific needs and other criteria such as backyard cabin, play house, frame cabin, log cabin and a lot more.

When you want to cut the costs of your electric bills during summer, you can choose a backyard cabin.

For sure, you can achieve most of your objectives through it.

When you want to provide an ideal place where your kids can play, a play house cabin is what you should build.

Nevertheless, you have the leeway on what type you want to include your small cabin plans.

Log Cabin Homes

If you dream to live in a place that seems so traditional, a log cabin home is what you completely need.

You will definitely have an organic feel that will make you more motivated and inspired every day.

Through a log cabin home, you can unwind and become a more optimistic individual.

When you are always stressed and have a problematic life, it could be a great help on your part.

If you want to have an alluring yet stunning cabin, you should include the best designs and styles in your small cabin plans.

Whatever your goals are, you have to prepare your budget so that you can live in your dream house.

To make things possible and achievable, you have to seek help from a professional contractor.

Just make sure that you will choose the one that is trusted and reputable in the industry.

When you want to save money, the best thing that you can do is to ask for a professional help from a trustworthy service provider.

If you decide to do it on your own, hiring one of the most extraordinary companies is a great decision you can ever have.

You can achieve a log cabin home that you prefer as well.

small cabin plans

Administrative Authorization to Build a Cabin

If you are eager to build a cabin away from an urban area, you need to get an authorization from the right institution.

In doing so, you will be ensured that you can build a cabin without violating any rules.

Aside from getting a permit, you have to follow the regulations in the place you live.

In addition, you have to understand that authorization procedures depend on where you reside.

To make all things possible, just create small cabin plans and include the importance of getting a necessary building consent.

With a plan, you will know the things you need to comply.

How to build a cabin

Before starting the construction of a cabin, it obviously must ask the right questions:

It will be the size of the desired cabin?

Area less than 20m² will avoid for example to file a building permit.

Which views the slowness of the administration is not negligible.

What will be its purpose?

This cabin will serve as a storage place for summer equipment or will it rather a real schedule to your home.


With knowledge of all these elements, we can now respond in detail to that famous question: how to build a cabin.

To build a cabin or for ewample a playhouse, we need playhouse plans.

First, you need to keep in mind that its implementation on the ground must be well thought out to avoid some disappointments.

While it is preferable to orient the south side, in some cases it is of course impossible.

However, you must absolutely avoid to locate the entrance to your side cabin is to avoid the prevailing wind.

In case of storm wind resistance is much higher on a big side and could undermine your cabin.

Concrete slab for you cabin or not?

Well it depends on the concrete slab has its advantages and the wood floor to others.

The concrete slab is simple to implement and relatively cheap, its rock solid fact his main quality, but also its main flaw.

Indeed in life nothing is final, if you ever decide to change your cabin space, well this famous concrete slab you will see all the colors!

The wood floor when with him is much easier to undo, but can have a life very reduced if its implementation was not made in the rules of art.

You must first ask a geotextile to prevent rise of vegetation and leave an air gap between the floor and the floor to prevent it rotting.

By following this rule and applying a fresh coat of stain a wood floor just take several years without any problems.

Halfway between the concrete slab and wood flooring, concrete tiles can also do very nicely.

Installation on sand bed may suffice in taking care to circle the perimeter with a row of sealed blocks.

Unlike the concrete slab, floor paving or concrete paving is more easily removed making it his main quality.


What materials to use to build a hut

To continue to answer our question: how to build a cabin, we now well a little more on the structure of the cabin.

To find out which wood to use please visit our page – The best wood

In most cases a structure made of the rafters is ample, a timber for the ridge and semi-rafters for the roof will be perfect.

Siding meanwhile is made of laths or floorboards is downgraded depending on the price you want to put there.

To go further in the principle of building a log cabin I invite you to consult our building guides, many practical details are discussed and thus allow easy construction and carefree.

How to build a cabin also evokes how to protect his cabin to make it last over time.

More than a painting of history is above all a design principle that is a strength and life than your cabin.

If it was not sized, poorly designed, you will have beautiful painting put all the world will continue to deteriorate anyway.

Good design is an essential step to give a period of respectable life to your cabin.

The maintenance of your cabin

The finish is of course very important still, a tender exposed to the elements without protection timber will soon deteriorate to its total destruction.

It should therefore be lasurer in several layers and repeat the operation each year.

Consult our detailed review of the best protection for exterior wood

You have the outline to help you carry out building your cabin and you can now study in detail the design principles that we have prepared in our building guides.

Protection of exterior wood

A key point in the sustainability of your playhouse is of course the protection that you will apply to your wood.
As discussed in this article on how to build a cabin, certain types of wood may well be without protection as the robinia, for example, naturally rot.
Of course this is not the case of other wood, especially pine which must be treated regularly especially if it is facing north.
The wood placed on the outside will be faced with two main enemies:

Light: Ultraviolet will somehow burn wood and make it lose its natural color and become gray.
The final stage of this process will cause cracks and cracking wood, is nothing too serious in the structural level, but aesthetic.

The second enemy of wood you guessed is the humidity, more problematic than the sun because in addition to swelling the wood it will set up a breeding ground for mushrooms.
If rain water does not flow or does not evaporate quickly, it will just seep into the wood through capillary action and will increase its humidity.
Then appear lignivore, precursor of mushrooms which will attract insect damages.
Needless to say that to this stage your playhouse will have the strength of a wet cardboard construction, so it is necessary first to make arrangements.


Traiter le bois

Treatment with linseed oil.
Very cheap linseed oil supplemented with a little turpentine forms an excellent solution for your waterproof wood.
Its really low cost makes it one of the most used protections in France for hundreds of years.

The saturator.
As its name suggests, the humidifier will soak deep into the wood to give it greater resistance to humidity.
A little more expensive than linseed oil, it is however much more effective on horizontal wood.
The wood retains its original color without gloss.

The finishes.
Microporous stains allow the wood to “breathe”, some fungicides and insecticides compounds are included in its composition which make them ideal as a preventive treatment.
Their sometimes prohibitive prices can sometimes put off and their effectiveness is not necessarily superior to flax oil treatment.

My advice: Go for a linseed oil treatment diluted with turpentine, apply as many coats as necessary to complete saturation of the wood.
An average 3-4 coats are required to be spread over two days by hot, dry weather preferably.
Finish with a pure flax oil layer and your wood will be protected for at least 12 months.

To read more

The best types of wood to build your playhouse


The best types of wood to build your playhouse

Selecting the right type of wood is vital when you decide to build a playhouse.
The choice is vast, from relatively cheap pin to more expensive robinia, there is something for everyone and for every budget.
Let’s start by talking about the most used wood for playhouse construction, their qualities and defects.

wood playhouse

The fir: the fir is an extremely knotty softwoods, it is very cheap, but relatively resistant in time.
We must therefore maintain it regularly, every 2 years to keep it looking beautiful in appearance.
Like the pine we will discuss right after the fir has a tendency to get swell over the years, which aesthetically is not necessarily a fault.

Pine: Wood is very easy to work because it is very tender, it incorporates many features of the fir and its pleasant smell of resin.
It can be sensitive to parasites over the years which is why regular maintenance is recommended.

Poplar: Poplar is a very light wood and very easy to work with.
He has the ability to not break with the years, but on the other hand it is very sensitive to attack by mushrooms.
Easy to work with, you will be charmed by its smell reminding you that of matches, a great wood that can be found at good prices.

The robinia : To me it is the Rolls-Royce of wood, he was also at the time the wood the most used in the construction before the arrival of iron and concrete, see in detail its features.
Robinia wood is one of the few in the world with teak, which is naturally rot.
Outside the robinia has a lifespan of about 60 years without treatment, nor maintenance and even in the latitudes where the climate is extreme.
Under shelters in a dry environment it can withstand 1,000 years (source from an Hungarian University of Sopron)
Robinia has a very stable fiber, because of its lack of resin it produces very little splinters and guaranteed a high level of security.
This is also one of the only wood that meets the requirements of fire safety institutions that receive public.

Oak : First National essence of wood, oak has a lot of qualities that makes it a wood recommended to the construction of a playhouse.
His legendary strength makes him the wood the most used in traditional monumental frame construction.
The oak is a very dense wood, which also gives it a great insulating power.
Its cost is obviously much higher than pine, but if we want to build a cabin which is supposed to withstand decades, the choice of a dense and durable wood as oak becomes obvious.
You’ll understand that nature gave us such very different wood that should be selected according to our use.
To build a playhouse for children, I would recommend using pine.
Your children will quickly turn into adults, it seems unnecessary in this case to buy a very resistant wood to build a playhouse that will be dismantled anyway in 15 years.
To build a cabin destined to last in time I highly recommend the robinia and the oak, the cost is a little higher than the pine or the fir but their lifespan and low maintenance have no equal .

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Protection of exterior wood