Small Cabin and the Necessary Building Permit Requirements

With the convenience and simplicity of living and all other benefits of living on a small cabin, many individuals are now getting more interested to get permit to build a cabin and proceed with the construction without any problem.

Small cabin is defined as a small house made of wood and is usually built on a wooden area. This is noted for its simple construction and design. Though building this is a highly possible option. Individuals have to note that they need to get a permit to build a small cabin before they can move on to construction.

Size Required

Many different municipalities would allow individuals to construct small cabin under a particular size. In such case they can either get a permit to build a small cabin or not obtain one. Nevertheless, the standard size limit is said to be 100 square feet or 10 square meters. This simply means that if your cabin is 100 square feet or less, you do not really need to get a permit to build a small cabin.

In some instances, some municipalities actually have particular requirements and regulations with regards to structures being build. Taking for instance waterfront cabins; there is a minimum distance required between your cabin structure and the high water mark. There can also be other restrictions set in your area that you need to consider before getting a permit to build a small cabin.

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Essential Components Required to Get Building Permit File

Building a small cabin can be considered a building project that needs necessary fees and permits. Local ordinances and codes might also apply so it would be best to check on local requirements before you get a permit to build a small cabin. For safety reasons, you need to build in accordance with the universal building code. Building small cabin is not that easy however learning about essential things connected to this type can empower your option and that is to build a small cabin.

Inspection requirements are sometimes needed to get a building permit file. There are instances that details about the cabin you are planning to build is needed such as site plan, detailed floor plan and copy title for advice and assessment.

Building without Permit-What are the Risks?

Building without permit is not really breaking the law or discouraging building small cabin. Realistically speaking, it is actually your ultimate choice to build whatever you want at your own risks. If you’re willing to accept these risks, then it is entirely up to you.

When it comes to building small cabin without permit, there are actually risks associated with it such as:

  • You can be fined

  • Construction of small cabin may not be permitted

  • You will be forced to comply with other things later on with regards to lack of building permit

  • You might also face minor or even major problems

There are ways to avoid permits and fines when building a small cabin. One way is to build a cabin on a place that does not really strictly meddle with your housing choices.

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