FAQ Playhouse plans

Q. When will I get my plans after my purchase is complete?
A.Immediately! Once your purchase has been made, an email will be sent to you where you will find download links.
By clicking on these links, you will be able to retrieve your plans and the list of materials in PDF format

Q. I have made my payment correctly and yet no email has reached me.
A. Internet service providers sometimes protect mailboxes with an anti-spam filter, this measure has been put in place to protect you from unwanted advertisements.
It may be that our mails are sometimes found in your spam directory, if not do not hesitate to contact me by e-mail so that I do the necessary as soon as possible.

Q. Is it possible to modify the plans?
A. Well on. The length and width of the children’s hut can be easily modified by you, but it should be borne in mind that this change in length will affect the frame, in this case it will be necessary to adapt somewhat as well This element.
If you want to make a little more changes, you can contact me by e-mail so that I advise you on the method to adopt.

Q. What kind of wood should I use?
A. Children’s huts are in most cases used outdoors.
It is therefore necessary to use treated wood, class 2 for indoor wood and class 3 for wood in contact with the weather.

Q. Where can I find cool accessories for my cabin?
A. You will find most accessories for your cabin on this page:

Q. What is the cost of building your children’s cabins?
A. On average our huts have a construction cost ranging from 300 to 800 euros.
The price can vary enormously depending on the supplier.
For a minimum cost I recommend you to supply in sawmill, if this is not possible, favor the discount supermarkets (brico depot, bricoman …) rather than the others.

Q. Do I have to build a concrete slab to build my hut?
A: No, for a children’s hut the foundations are not necessary, most of our models are equipped with wooden floor.
It is enough in this case to place the hut on 4 or 6 large blocks for a correct seating.

Q. How long does it take to complete the construction of my hut?
A: It depends on a number of factors:
The time you can allocate to the construction.
Your DIY level, your tooling, etc.
On average our customers tell us that working on it 2 hours a day, the cabin is finished in about 2 weeks.

Q. Are not the plans too complicated for me?
A. Not at all. The children’s hut plans we offer for sale are especially suitable for DIY enthusiasts with restricted tools. They are simple to understand for everyone.