How to build a cabin

Before starting the construction of a cabin, it obviously must ask the right questions:

It will be the size of the desired cabin?

Area less than 20m² will avoid for example to file a building permit.

Which views the slowness of the administration is not negligible.

What will be its purpose?

This cabin will serve as a storage place for summer equipment or will it rather a real schedule to your home.


With knowledge of all these elements, we can now respond in detail to that famous question: how to build a cabin.

To build a cabin or for ewample a playhouse, we need playhouse plans.

First, you need to keep in mind that its implementation on the ground must be well thought out to avoid some disappointments.

While it is preferable to orient the south side, in some cases it is of course impossible.

However, you must absolutely avoid to locate the entrance to your side cabin is to avoid the prevailing wind.

In case of storm wind resistance is much higher on a big side and could undermine your cabin.

Concrete slab for you cabin or not?

Well it depends on the concrete slab has its advantages and the wood floor to others.

The concrete slab is simple to implement and relatively cheap, its rock solid fact his main quality, but also its main flaw.

Indeed in life nothing is final, if you ever decide to change your cabin space, well this famous concrete slab you will see all the colors!

The wood floor when with him is much easier to undo, but can have a life very reduced if its implementation was not made in the rules of art.

You must first ask a geotextile to prevent rise of vegetation and leave an air gap between the floor and the floor to prevent it rotting.

By following this rule and applying a fresh coat of stain a wood floor just take several years without any problems.

Halfway between the concrete slab and wood flooring, concrete tiles can also do very nicely.

Installation on sand bed may suffice in taking care to circle the perimeter with a row of sealed blocks.

Unlike the concrete slab, floor paving or concrete paving is more easily removed making it his main quality.


What materials to use to build a hut

To continue to answer our question: how to build a cabin, we now well a little more on the structure of the cabin.

To find out which wood to use please visit our page – The best wood

In most cases a structure made of the rafters is ample, a timber for the ridge and semi-rafters for the roof will be perfect.

Siding meanwhile is made of laths or floorboards is downgraded depending on the price you want to put there.

To go further in the principle of building a log cabin I invite you to consult our building guides, many practical details are discussed and thus allow easy construction and carefree.

How to build a cabin also evokes how to protect his cabin to make it last over time.

More than a painting of history is above all a design principle that is a strength and life than your cabin.

If it was not sized, poorly designed, you will have beautiful painting put all the world will continue to deteriorate anyway.

Good design is an essential step to give a period of respectable life to your cabin.

The maintenance of your cabin

The finish is of course very important still, a tender exposed to the elements without protection timber will soon deteriorate to its total destruction.

It should therefore be lasurer in several layers and repeat the operation each year.

Consult our detailed review of the best protection for exterior wood

You have the outline to help you carry out building your cabin and you can now study in detail the design principles that we have prepared in our building guides.

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