Small log Cabins: The More Unique and Eco-Friendly Type of Home

As we have seen in our article, building a small cabin, many of you want to build a cabin.

Could you imagine living in a home that is free from ay noise coming from your neighborhood?

Yes, this will be possible.

Since small log cabins are getting more popular all over the world that offers a more distinct and more peaceful place to dwell in, many people are eager to have their own.

This is quite ideal if you want to get rid of the noise and pollution of the city.

Plus, you are free from any stress brought by the urban traffic.

Aside from that, small log cabins will give you lesser noise coming from your sound-emitting appliances or any other materials inside our log cabin home.

small log cabins

For you to make the extraordinary type of living possible, it important to have the complete list of the following materials and guess what, you can have a hint on how much you are going to spend in building the small log cabins.

  • Cedar post. The best type of wood for building the small log cabins posts is the cedar wood. You will be needing 5” up to 8” diameters for your posting.
  • Cedar railings. For your railings, you may use various cedar sizes.
  • Logs. You need solid corners pieces in order for you to match the 8” sidings. Another thing, you need to have a solid 3×12 pine of any length, tongue and groove pine of 1×8, white pine log siding of 8” and 6”, either rough or smooth of 6×8 and 4×6 beans.
  • Interior door. You have the freedom on which type and design you would like to use for your interior doors.
  • Stairs, Fireplace, treads, stringers and wood stove. All you need are 4×12 and 3×12 woods
  • Patio roof. You may use 6×8 logs. Just make sure that they are rough sawn or plane in any dimension.
  • Another thing, you need to purchase 2×8 logs that were planed or rough sawn.

In building the small log cabins, it will cost around $20,000 but the purchase of land and its interior are excluded.

Truly, with this kind of budget, your dream cabin home is possible.

On the other hand, although living in the small log cabins will give you certain advantages that will make your living experience extravagant, it also have some constraints.


  • Efficient. It is efficient in a way that it can naturally insulate you from the heat of summer or cold of winter.
  • Looks. Yes, small log homes will give you an esthetic appeal that can make everyone amaze of its architectural design.
  • Eco-friendly. By the use of salvage timber, you are making an eco-friendly home.


  • More maintenance. The hard part of living in the small log cabins is that you are required to regularly maintain it. It should include a general inspection of its sealing and caulking.

Living in the small cabins for a year is completely possible if it is well-maintained through proper restoration and creating home improvements and if you are really interested to dwell in a home like cabins, there is no reason for you not to.

Everything will depend on your willingness and the lifestyle that you have.

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