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History of Eyes of the World Sunglasses

Jerry's Last Project

We got to drink his wine and wear his ties, but we didn't get the sunglasses

They made it into stores for a weekend.

When Jerry passed they wound up stashed away in a warehouse

~ boxed and forgotten for 10 years ~

Now here they are

or should we say here's what's left of them..

We've sold out of most styles & colors

These sunglasses came in black satiny stash bags or

hardshell stash cases depending on the style

They were embellished with either

Dancing Bears or Lightning Bolts on Skulls*

The embellishments are easily removable

& could be switched from one pair to another

You'll find special things about each type of sunglasses

on their specific pages

I've placed links below for you  

The polykrypton-C type lenses meet

or exceed the American National

Standards Institute's standards for

optical quality and impact resistance.

These lenses digitally filter 100%

ultra violet A & 100% ultra violet B

at 400 nanometers

* After emailing with the creator of the logo commonly referred to as 'Steal Your Face', I find that it is actually called 'Skull & Lightening Bolt' by the artist, Bear.

Feel free to click on 'Bear' above to go to his website (may he rest in technicolor) to see for yourself.

Thank you